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The redtail catfish, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, is a pimelodid (long-whiskered) catfish. In Venezuela it is known as cajaro and in Brazil it is known as pirarara. It is the only extant species of the genus Phractocephalus.  

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Classification / Names 
Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Siluriformes (Catfish) > Pimelodidae (Long-whiskered catfishes)


Size / Weight / Age
Max length: 134 cm TL male/unsexed; common length: 60.0 cm TL male/unsexed; max. published weight: 44.2 kg


Freshwater; demersal; pH range: 5.5 - 6.8; dH range: ? - 10; potamodromous


Climate / Range
Tropical; 20°C - 26°C

River Monsters

of the Rio Negro

The Red Tailed Dragon

The powerful fighter rhe Red Tailed Catfish, Pirarara which can reach up to 200lbs. These are normally caught in the canals running the big river around the islands and channels. Once caught it will run for cover so keep it away from the shore and fallen trees. Have fun bringing in this beauty! 

This catfish gets really big. They can reach 3 feet or more in captivity and there are reports of specimens reaching up to 5 feet in the wild. Because of their large size they are a favorite game fish and anglers love them. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) reports that the current world record weight for this fish is a whopping 123 lbs. 7 oz. (56 kg). This world record is held by Gilberto Fernandes for a specimen he caught in the Amazon River on April 3, 2010.




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