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You too can come and live this Unique Adventure First Hand!

Come live the Pure-Adrenaline action fishing for Trophy Peacock Bass in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest. We offer a wide variety of Fishing and Adventure packages to choose from, if its a board Luxury Yacht, 5-Star Rio Negro Lodge, Private Houseboat Safari Camps, or private groups charters all in the region specially designed for the World Class Angler.  


The Amazon offers World Class Exotic Fishing unlike any other location on the planet with the large variety of fresh water fish. Joined by your host Capt Marc Cobos, with over 15 years of experience taking anglers Peacock Bass Trips and Eco-tours deep in the Brazilian Amazon, with his hand picked guides to ensure a memorable adventure to the Amazon for all his guest.  


One particular species is the "Peacock Bass", well known by anglers for its famous cannon ball hitting action, flying acrobatics, beautiful colors and not to mention has quickly become the new passion for all first time angler who have come with us. Its explosive power is known to snap rods, tear out hooks, and spool reels making it a legend among the angling community bringing anglers each year to challenge the mighty Peacock Bass along with the marvels of the Amazon. 


This amazing fighter makes it a must do trip of a lifetime for all anglers and definitely a check off the Bucket-List Trip.

Peacock Bass and name!

It gets its name from the spot on its tail and all its beautiful colors.

In fact, within its range live over a million different species of life forms, plants, animals, and mammals such as the Amazon Pink river dolphin or the Amazonian manatee, more than 2,000 Amazon River fish species - more species than in the entire Atlantic ocean - birds, insects and spiders, being the insect world with more diversity over 500,000 species of insects and spiders alone.

Imagine fishing in small part of the largest river system in the world, (The Rio Negro) with over 1,100 tributaries and 800 islands with a drainage basin of 2,700,000 sq. miles. The Legends of the Amazon awaits for your visit. 



FACT: The City of Manaus, Amazon with a population of over 2-million was one of the hosting cities for the 2014 World Cup Brazil and in 2016 was also one of the hosting cities for the 2016 Olympics based in Rio.


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